Monday, 22 October 2007

Commence animating!!

Hallo! Hoe is het?

Well, after a bit of a slow start this morning I got to college and scanned in a few drawings (the polaroid cameras were just for reference, the one in the animation will be simpler and of my design), wasted some time colouring them in and posting them on here.

Then it got to lunch and I realised I didn't have the storyboard and to avoid actually starting the final animation (argh!! scary!) I went over to the computers again (in the other building) and printed one off so that I could make a note of what scenes I had to do.

Just as I had started Joseph turned up and having done a fair bit of work I went to the SU for a drink and some chocolate, stayed there a bit but eventually left him to draw while I continued on the sequence I had been working on before.

The sequence I chose to start drawing/animating was quite possibly the hardest part I have to do for this animation - scenes 5/6 and soon 11 too - which involved trying to figure out how far a physically unlikely goose could stretch it's wing and still manage to hold an old Polaroid camera. Needless to say I soon found a quick way of re-pencilling the new position on just one body and tracing it in pen straight on to the next frame, thus not wasting paper! Yeah, saving the rainforest!!

Anyway, I tested it and on a loop it would work fine as the video for mind-numbing music with a heavy bass beat in the background, but I've done some more frames and so far I've got Glasses to pass the camera towards Brows, who bends his neck down as the other two move back into a better position.

Hopefully it'll be done by tomorrow afternoon and I can scan them in and put it on YouTube for all to see the gloriously smooth neck movement that I'm pleased with so far!

Goede Nacht!

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Bianca Ansems said...

Marveous that you have taken off so well! I'm very proud and looking forward to your updates tomorrow.
Since my day has nothing to do with the project, I'll leave it at this :]
Thanks a lot for the eleborate update!