Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Have you met the French? My God they know how to party!

Wednesday!!!?!? Oh, I could have sworn it was Tuesday, well, that's not fantastic but at least I've been doing more work today.....having mostly completed the first movement of the camera from Glasses to Brows yesterday I moved on to Scene 2 from the storyboard - Glasses taking a photo of a monument.

I worked in an almost professional way - ie: doing things in the right order - keyframes, then test, then tweening....or at least it seemed more regimented/organised than how I did the other one!!

Well, I'm quite pleased with having done 18 frames today, although I would have done more had I not had to get dog mess off my shoe in the morning (grrr!) but it still needs some work - he needs to walk in to the scene with the camera below the shot and then lift it up, then the neck moves.....also, the middle one has to try an get in to the photo by craning his neck and turning his face too! Easy! How much time have we got left?!??

Bianca's back from her whirlwind holiday in Germany, which is good, but I think at the moment it is mainly a matter of getting it all done - not a great deal to discuss with regards to the animation.

Oh, and a prize* to the first person to comment with where the post title comes from......possibly one of the best episodes of this programme (in my opinion!).

Anyway, on with the animation! The Eiffel Tower might be hand-drawn although I love this style (as it's going to be like that in my Final Major film) and found it when I needed something there to fill the scene like it was written/drawn.
It's from this site - - a Florida site full of educational clip art!! Thanks go to the Sunshine State!

*If you think there's actually going to be a prize then you're mister thick thickity thick face from thicktown thickannia. And so is your Dad! (also a slightly altered quote from the same episode).

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Bianca Ansems said...

Doctor Who?
Telling a girl she's fatm, my god... but yes my dad is fat indeed!