Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Today I have been busy, maybe even busier than yesterday if that's possible, I woke up earlier and was in our basement studio before everyone else!

I didn't go on the computers immediately (as is my routine) but instead continued to draw more frames of THG and their/his (?) camera.

I did a test (on twos) and it went too fast so I put it through on threes and it was better so I decided to go back and add some more inbetweens where I reckoned they were needed.

I got a bit tired of redrawing the camera and THG so I went and scanned in a drawing I had done as an homage to the 3-Headed Knight from the film "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". I coloured it an uploaded it but I have forgotten to put the three black hands on the middle yellow stripe, so I will do that another time if I remember.

I went back after getting chocolate and drew some more frames, tested it again, had lunch, wandered around town, came back to the basement and continued to do more frames until a crit at 3.30pm with Suzie. I forfeited my turn as we were running late and she was pleased with how my projects were coming on (having seen the Playgrounds presentation), then later I showed her the video below.

Having done enough frames for today, and possibly the sequence I took them over to the scanners and tidied them up in Photoshop (removing the backgrounds!!) before quickly putting them through AfterEffects and making a tiny movie for YouTube.

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