Sunday, 14 October 2007

The T.H.G.

Three-headed geese are rare, rarer than say a unicorn or a yeti....they are different from your average goose in more ways than one. They have three heads and three different personalities within each of these causing arguments to break out regularly.....however, when they get on then they are a force to be recognised.

The strongest of the three is the central one, this is probably due to how the T.H.G evolved from the standard goose on to the two-headed and finally the T.H.G, the middle neck has always been there from the start.
He (since there are very rarely female T.H.Gs apart from occasionally one of the heads adopting a female persona) controls the legs and to a lesser extent, the wings, the additional necks are mostly useless apart from eating.

This T.H.G is rather peculiar in that the split-personalities are very different in that one has taken to wearing a small pair of glasses, another has larger than normal eyebrows.......the middle head is just like a regular goose though.

Oh, and there's the small matter of speech........all T.H.Gs can talk, with varying degrees of success, most like the sound of their voice and it can be tricky to follow one thread of speech but when they want to they can talk together saying one word at a time to create whole sentences using their collective brain.

Any further inquiries about these rare but slightly rubbish creatures should probably not be directed to the London Zoo.

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Bianca Ansems said...

I would love it if at least one of them is evil. Maybe another one is actually very scared? And the other is just stupid, hah!