Monday, 15 October 2007

Ideas page...

The text on the mini-storyboard is "Noman and the Three-Headed Goose", the second panel has the THG looking around while Noman bounces/waddles/walks/glides? in to the shot.....then one of the heads can notice him (as in the third panel) and be scared/angry/maybe growls (can geese growl?!) at it like the bottom-left part of the page.

Someone thought that the THG can walk in (in complete profile) and appears to have only one head, then the other two heads/necks can poke out from behind him........interact with the title? maybe it says One-Headed Goose first?!?

The expressions are evil/sad/confused/winking......i think the glasses head (this is Jane!) should be the evil/mean/scary one as I think that having no pupils/eyes to see is scarier.

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