Friday, 19 October 2007

Playgrounds........the novelisation.

So, it's been only a week since we paired up and so much has happened, as you may know if you've followed my blog.
Today was the first day of the Playgrounds event in Holland, sort of like the equivalent to our AURORA animation festival in November, and the Encounters project was amongst the opening presentations!!

This meant that we were going to present, along with the St Joost students, a selection of our work so far and detail to the audience what the project was and why it had started. We got a camera and projector set up in our basement studio (in Norwich) and at 1pm we made contact (having tested it earlier on, with mixed results!!).

Tom Simmons gave a talk from our end to the lecture theatre in Holland after Rene had done is bit over Dutch. The rest of the two hours was in English (for our benefit, obviously!) and involved showing the work made by both schools from previous years.

Then we got on to the Encounters project and to start with Bianca and I were the first to talk everyone through our ideas, process and animations.....using the blog on a large screen she showed the storyboards from both of the blogs and occasionally I chipped in with a bit more about my was also the first time people got to see the animatic (as I finished it about half an hour before the talk!!) We went on a bit as we tend to do and eventually stopped letting Martin and his two partners talk about their dark bird story and also the Root Yeti was discovered but without Hannah as she was unwell.

It was a great event and I think that it went really well, hopefully everyone at the other end enjoyed it too.


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